Diskeeper 10 Professional – 1 User

Diskeeper 10 Professional - 1 User
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Diskeeper 10 Professional – 1 User Description

No matter how powerful your PC is, fragmentation will slow it down–it’s just a matter of time. In fact, the harder your system works, the faster fragmentation builds up. Manual, single-pass defrag software simply can’t keep up–in order to maintain performance, you’d likely spend more time defragmenting than you will using the computer! Diskeeper automatic defragmenter simply makes the problems of fragmentation go away forever! Diskeeper 10 Professional Edition provides high-speed auto…

Diskeeper 10 provides new adaptive that wrings every last drop of performance out of your machine. It keeps your PC running at peak speed and performance with “Set It and Forget It” simplicity and ease. It’s the same defragmenter tool that professionals use to keep their systems running at peak performance. Now you can use it, too – and keep non-networked PCs healthy and running at top speed. Set It and Forget It operation automatically defragments according to the schedule you set Al…

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Diskeeper 10 Professional - 1 User